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Alone On Penguin Island
Desmond Simmons
53 minutes

Track Listing: a caste from hawaii, to be lost, beacon hill six, april waits, the gymnast, bing crosby's hat, they fly information; man the lifeboats, phone ringing, counterpane, by air or by sea, pathenon, tracers, alone on penguin island; phone ringing, a caste from hawaii, man the lifeboats, the gymnast, counterpane, to be lost.

released october 11 1995

this and other WMO releases are limited editions from the wire archive.

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WMO are pleased to announce their first release, the cd reissue of desmond simmons' 1981 album, alone on penguin island. originally produced by bruce gilbert and graham lewis (of wire, wir, dome, cupol, etc...) for their dome records label, this reissue also contains seven (7) additional tracks: they fly information, a studio track left off the original vinyl release; man the lifeboats, a home demo recorded with colin newman; plus five (5) alternate live versions, featuring the amorphons and soft option with robert gotobed (of wire), and the beacon hill six.

desmond simmons appeared on both colin newman's a to zed and not to solo albums in the early 1980's, also performing in the soft option group with colin and robert as well. packaged in the original sleeve design, the cd reissue also contains extensive notes by desmond on the making of the album and his involvement with the members of wire.

"Something rather delightful... every bit as good as wire or dome at their best."
EST Magazine, Summer 1996

"Revival of minimalist songwriter and wire acolytes 1981 album. now with eight equally sparse and other worldly tracks."
Top, Dec 1995

"On his own record (which simmons single-handedly wrote and performed), this colin newman cohort fell in austere minimalism of graham lewis and b.c. gilbert, who produced penguin island. simmons is more song orientated than they are, but seemingly took reduction for redaction; despite some good songs here, they've been cut to the bone, made somewhat alien and abstract. a few even sound as though they were recorded underwater. all the same, a moving, high, lonesome quality does come across... patience is rewarded."
Jim Green, Trouser Press Record Guide