death notice

death notice
thousand "church"
59 minutes

track listing: track 01, track 02, track 03, track 04, track 05, track 06, track 07, track 08, track 09, track 10, track 11, track 12, track 13, track 14, track 15, track 16, track 17, track 18

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this album is a co-release with phthalo and shares the catalog number phthalo 23

o.s.t aka chris douglas has been a prolific producer around the san francisco scene, with prior releases on the dial and phthalo labels. this newest release 'death notice' is a cd of contemporary funeral music, composed after a near-death experience. spooky and beautiful, o.s.t takes traditional funeral music and re-invents it with electronic instruments to produce something very unique. the eighteen compositions are unusual and unexpected, often evoking a baroque or classical feel. the sound is indeed twisted yet very melodic, with plenty of pastoral, almost church like moments. this very beautiful but strange release from o.s.t. is highly engaging, and recommended for all those interested in experiments in sound.