my computer my stereo

my computer my stereo
thousand "electropop"
63 minutes

track listing: (untitled), star (v2.0), computer (dub sound system), sizably bent spiritualist, (you're so) anxious (for my astrological luv), spreading the virus of conversation, anti-neural suite, graul plastique, particularly consortium, unplugged (eXTraCt), bigfoot discovered (deep space version), (untitled)

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the story:

See a lot of people don't know this: but ORBITRONIK is a very serious (haha) PRANK band. A satire of rave & techno from 2 guys who have no interest in either genre.

Yet Scott & I both have an undying love for GOOD MUSIC. And since the majority of good music died a long time ago, We're in mourning. Yet at the same time - like a really good Kung-Fu movie - We're out to avenge the death of our TEACHERS & make the scoundrels PAY for their hate crimes against the music we love!!! We're either ERECTRONIC terrorists... or just 2 guys totally fulla crap.

See I've never met Scott Gibbons face-to-face...
and hes never met Brian Ladd face-to-face.
Two guys whove never met create this spirit that drifts, flows & bounces from mind to mind & machine to machine - bytes of data - that get twisted & manipulated & messed around & transposed 'till something totally unexpected comes out of the mix.

That's Orbitronik.

I was going in & out of sleep with my headphones on. Wow. It's been quite a road My Friend! Like all GOOD music, this CD helps me to remember the good times & bad times, fun times & sad times in my life. Like the scent of a flower in June or a shiny new plastic toy, Im jolted back to a different slice in time when I hear it: The times in my life I can never again visit, and for the awesome possibilities the future holds for us all.

Cuz we care.
We care even more about the future of music.
Orbitronik is just our way of saying that;

Because we care.